The dark Side of Chocolate

  • Samira Amadu Student
Keywords: child slavery, chocolate, cocoa beans


We all love our chocolate and are quick to indulge in them without a hesitation. How much do we know about how chocolate is produced? Cultivation of cocoa beans entails some sort of modern-day slavery in which many of us are unaware of. The cocoa industry is a complex system that entails various parties ranging from farmers, shipping companies, processors, buyers (multinational corporation), and distributors. 80% - 90% cocoa beans come from small family – run farms where % of the price of a chocolate goes back to cocoa farmers. This results to unethical labour practices including the use of child labour to meet the demands for cocoa beans while at the same time ensuring that their cocoa prices are cheaper. Sadly, these children are sold for as little as $30 by their own parents to traffickers for the provision of better education. Yet they are enslaved on cocoa plantations picking cocoa beans to satisfy our indulgence for chocolate.