Terrestrial Molluscs of Kawartha Lakes Region, Canada

Land Snail and Slug Habitat Specifications and Invasive Species

  • Michelle Elizabeth Miller Trent University
Keywords: Snail, Slug, Invertebrates, Molluscs, Mollusks, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada, Invasive Species, Native Species, Habitat


Despite molluscs being one of the most diverse phyla that occupy a wide variety of environmental niches, there is surprisingly limited amounts of research done, especially regarding terrestrial Gastropods like snails and slugs. When considering the terrestrial molluscs of the Kawartha Lakes region, there are virtually no research articles available. Regardless of this, snails and slugs play an important role in ecosystems and their overall numbers are decreasing globally. This literature review aims at dissecting articles written about snail and slug species that are invasive to Ontario and what habitats terrestrial molluscs prefer, as well as their role within an ecosystem.