Terrestrial Molluscs of the Kawartha Lakes Region

Land Snails and Slugs

  • Michelle Elizabeth Miller Trent University
Keywords: Snails, Slugs, Molluscs, Invertebrates, Ontario, Kawartha Lakes, Terrestrial, Ecology


Terrestrial molluscs are one of the world’s most endangered phyla, but the research surrounding this unique invertebrate group is not extensive, especially regarding Ontario’s native species. This article coordinated with a specimen collection consisting of various native and invasive mollusc species from the Kawartha Lakes region in Ontario, Canada. The purpose of the collection was to validate the existence of certain species while also gaining a clearer understanding of the proportion of invasive species compared to native, as well as which habitats they preferred. The results supported other research which demonstrated that invasive species of slugs often outnumber the native ones, depending on the habitat, and the snails showed similar results.