Air Temperature and Latitude impacts on the Ice Duration of Twelve Ontario Lakes

  • Emily Lock Trent University - Otonabee College
Keywords: air temperature, latitude, ice, ice duration, Ontario, Canada, Lakes


There has been an increasing number of high-temperature days recorded in the past eight years globally (Hansen et al., 2010). This study documents the change in the ice duration, how long in days, ice remains on a lake between the first ice cover and the last ice cover, to the changes in temperature in twelve Ontario lakes over an eight-year period (2004 - 08). This study also considers the impacts that the latitude and size of each lake have on the length of the ice duration. Lakes have both recreational and biological values and a change in the ice duration will greatly impact these values. The results of this study demonstrated there was an increase in high-temperature days and a decrease in the ice duration in each lake. However, the changes in the overall temperature and ice duration are currently not at a statistically significant level. This study emphasizes the importance of long-term ice duration data.