An Empirical Assessment of the Proposed Trent University Course Faculty Evaluation Questionnaire

  • Diana Peglar
  • Kirsten Marchand
  • Rachel Grills
  • Kelly Roberts


The present study examined the psychometric characteristics of the proposed CFEQ – an interdepartmental measure of teaching effectiveness. 53 undergraduate Psychology students completed the 60-item CFEQ, the current Trent University Psychology Teaching Evaluation Questionnaire, and the WICE. Results of the present investigation revealed that 55 of the 56 proposed items for the CFEQ had high internal consistency. The scale shows high reliability, more than sufficient for clinical or diagnostic purposes, and when compared to three criterion measures of teaching effectiveness, substantial correlations were demonstrated for the CFEQ, suggesting very strong construct validity. In sum, the proposed CFEQ appears to be a very reliable and valid assessment measure for tapping the pertinent categories of effective teaching. Therefore, this innovative tool has excellent potential for future standardization across the various disciplines within Trent University.