The Journal of Undergraduate Studies at Trent (JUST) was founded in 2007 on the belief that undergraduate research is an integral aspect of the university community. Nowhere is this more relevant than Trent, where we pride ourselves on integrating research into the undergraduate experience. Being part of one of best undergraduate universities in Canada, JUST offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to publish their research at a local level. We strive to accomplish the above through the following mandate:

  • Increase awareness of exemplary undergraduate research in all academic fields at Trent University
  • Particularly focus on increasing awareness among new students to inspire their future research and alumni to help connect them to the undergraduate student research community;
  • Publish in an open access format to maximise availability of the journal;
  • Provide publication opportunities to undergraduate students while allowing all authors to maintain copyright privileges;
  • Collaborate with academic and research-focused groups at Trent University to highlight undergraduate research in various fields;
  • Increase the profile of JUST as a publication in the Trent and Peterborough communities;
  • Provide opportunities for undergraduate students to engage with and be part of the publishing process from an editorial standpoint.


*Levy refund deadline is Oct 1

JUST's finances are handled by the PRCSA (Sadleir House). You can find our 2016 Financial Report HERE (link:


From 2016-present JUST has used a LaTeX template by Mathias Legrand (modified by Vel from LaTeX templates) to format articles under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.