Welcome to the website for the Journal of Undergraduate Studies at Trent (JUST). We are a levy group that publishes articles written by the undergraduate student body of Trent University. Here you can access all of our journals that have been published since 2007 and recieve notifications when we publish again soon! 

If you are interested in working with JUST then there are a number of roles available to you. We are now hiring for the Volume Seven editorial team!

Lead Editors: a part-time paid position the lead editors are at the helm of JUST overseeing the editorial team whilst being responsible for curating the journal and ensuring high standards of production. 

Section Editors: this team of part-time paid students work directly with the writers to perfect submissions, select papers to be chosen for the journal, and ensure all submissions meet our guidelines. 

Communications Manager: this part-time paid positon gives you the chance to be on the front line of communicating with students, promoting opportunities, and managing our social media! 

Reviewers: the largest team at JUST reviewers assist with the first stage of paper selection by choosing pieces that achieved high scores and are endorsed by professors.

Typesetters: vital to creating the final product typesetting is a great opportunity for younger students to experience the journal industry and be able to read high quality writing.

Proofreaders: to ensure our journal is of the highest quality proofreaders finalise the layout and content of the journal before we send it to print.


If you are interested in any of these roles please contact the Managing Editor, Bethan Bates, at just@trentu.ca to submit your interest or ask any questions.