No Lions, Monkeys, and Huts The African Diaspora’s Repatriation to the Motherland

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Petra Adrienne Laptiste


The purpose of this essay is to explain a qualitative analytic process called Grounded Theory. It is the generation - through exploration - of a theory from iteratively collected data. This essay presents the process of developing my theory of African diaspora repatriation from a variety of YouTube video interviews. My substantive theory is black people in the global North, who belong to the African diaspora, have repatriated to Africa to escape overwhelming racist and harmful environments. Repatriation to Africa fascinates me because I am a woman of African ancestry who has pondered the idea of carving a new life in the Motherland. The exploratory phase of theory generation began during the 2020 global pandemic lockdown. This phase encompasses the journey of learning new information and drawing new insights from the YouTube video data. The methodology section provides theoretical background to generating my theory. For example, the stories from the video interviews and the coding segments offer more details into the rigorous process of notetaking, categorizing, and interpreting data. In summary, people of the African diaspora who repatriated to Africa removed themselves from toxic and taxing environments in the West and have begun to mould legacies in their adopted homelands.

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