Standard Operating Procedures: Trent Kinesiology Lab

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Dayton John Kelly


This laboratory manual was written to establish techniques for conducting research in exercise science at Trent
University. Currently, in its first iteration, this manual contains detailed procedures for conducting maximal
voluntary uptake testing in elite athletes, blood lactate threshold validation and determination, and power testing in rowing. All procedures include a description of the purpose and application of the procedure, the materials required, and step-by-step instructions. This manual differs from commercially available alternatives in that it has been tailored to the equipment and resources currently available to researchers at the Trent University. After reading this document, new undergraduate, graduate, and/or faculty researchers can expect to obtain improved understanding of how to use the equipment for exercise testing that is available at Trent University, the practical considerations that should be incorporated into novel experimental design, and the manners in which Trent exercise equipment has been purposed to date. The procedures contained in this document should be used as a guide and modified to meet the demands of the future experimental protocol.

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