A study on university student engagement within a forensic science course

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Mike Illes


Society’s fascination with forensic science has been on an increase for many years. Evidence of this is supported by the development of many tertiary education forensic science programs and the continued increase in student numbers within these programs. In this project, we investigate the reasoning behind why students find forensic science an engaging field of study. The students (n=88) of a third-year undergraduate crime scene investigation course were surveyed at the end of the course. A study was completed using the quantitative data collected that was then validated with the qualitative student responses. The message from the students was clear, with 81.61% indicating that collaborative laboratory sessions and crime scene house attendance were the favorite teaching techniques. The lab sessions being the favorite at 59.77%. The survey results suggest that the reason for engagement is the effect of a collaborative work environment that has extensive hands-on course content.

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